SEO Engineering SEO Services

At SEO Engineering, we use strategic approaches in line with your organizational objectives to deliver high search engine ranking positions for your website.  Placing your business in a position of high visibility on the Web lures new clients and reels in repeat visitors, securing sales for your goods.  SEO Engineering provides tailored, strategic SEO services to all industries and types of businesses – small, medium, or large.

SEO Engineering’s search engine optimization services are founded and developed on the expertise and experience of SEO Engineering founder, Chris MacDonald, a 15 year veteran of the Web development and SEO industries.  Your customized SEO solution will demonstrate high value for your investment, no matter your business or industry type. We focus on both long- and short-term results employing “white hat” SEO strategies, exclusively, to maintain your high search engine rankings. We will give you the best tips on site optimization, keywords and phrases, and link strategies. You gain an edge over your competition as a result of our thorough competitor analysis and our careful monitoring of the latest key phrases and search trends.

What to Expect from your Consultation with Us

Before SEO Engineering’s team can run with your project, we take the time to get to know about you, your business, your previous SEO experience and overall goals. Whether you approach us with a strategy in mind that you want expertly executed, or you need expert advice on how to attract more traffic to your website, we always make the time to personalize our approach and understand the essential elements of your business and needs before we develop an in-depth analysis and proposition.

Research & SEO Campaign Cost

All businesses, stakeholders and operations are distinctly unique. As such, there are different levels of competition and need within each market sector. For this reason, SEO Engineering’s search engine optimized solutions have been designed to have varied price models. Our campaign costs are based on:

  • The level of the keyword and phrase research required
  • The amount of required time and resources required to obtain the best results

SEO Engineering FAQs

How much waiting time will it take to see results?

Generally, while the initial set up may take only a few days, search engine positioning may take anywhere from a few short weeks to three months to show results. At that time, we can work at maintaining your position or adjusting the strategy to push your rank higher.

What is our strategy?

Our SEO practice takes into consideration more than one top keyword or phrase to attract traffic to your site. This means that you enjoy the benefits of a broader selection of targeted keywords and phrases to fully optimize your market reach. To further understand SEO strategy,  please don’t hesitate to ask one of our specialists about the “Long Tail Strategy.”

Long-term Commitment

We treat our clients as business partners. Your growth is our growth. Your success is our success. Once you invest your trust and resources with us, you will not only receive much better results and visibility, but also build a partnership with a team of professionals who are committed to your success.  Our business philosophy is to do our part to responsibly support business growth in a tough economy.  By ensuring that our clients’ search engine rankings start out strong and show continued signs of improvement, we play a role in stimulating the continued growth of online business and consumerism.